YO" Books Limited

What We Offer:

We provide products and services that support institutions, lecturers, other professionals and students. The products include academic and general books in electronic and print format, as well as reference material, lifestyle products, electronics and stationery. The services we offer are done through our bookstores, Customer Call Centre, Direct Sales Unit, Library Division, and our online store, www.yobooks-ss.com

  1. Bookstores:

We have a growing network of 5 retail bookstores/sales outlets in South Sudan (airport road, UNMISS & University of Juba, etc.). Our bookstores are conveniently situated on main roads and on-campus or in the vicinity of tertiary institutions.

We stock academic, resource and study material, as well as stationery and lifestyle products. Selected stores also stock computers, general books, magazines and gift items. Our Books selection include every conceivable category from;

–        Fictions/novels,

–        Business and self-help,

–        Africa & International Politics/history,

–        Sudan & South Sudan collections (politics, history, fictions and others),

–        NGOs/AID and humanitarian,

–        Academics and schools books in all major categories

–        Children’s books,

–        Memoirs, Biographies, Hobbies, and other types of books.

–        Magazines/newspapers

Our music selection concentrate on CDs & DVDs as these are the most popular and take up the least amount of floor space. Our stationery inventory includes note books and dairies, pencils & pencils, files & folders, flat cards, memo pads, non-personalized stationery (note cards), papers stocks, cartridges, toners, labels and contact cards, stamps and Embossers, staplers and pins, glue/paper sticks, printers and scanners in addition to other officer stationeries

2. Online e-store:

www.yobooks-ss.com was established in 2017 to expand our services and offers to customers who have the need to do their purchases in and at their own convenience. Our user-friendly online store assists customers world-wide to browse for products, purchase them or place items on order if they are not immediately available.

Additional products including lifestyle-oriented items, general books, electronic, laptop computers, tablets, eBooks, software and more are continuously expanding the product range.

3   ICT Unit:

Out ICT unit provide customer-tailored graphic designs and printing solutions of all types (brochures, banners, leaflets, newsletters and invitations cards, etc).

4   Library Unit:

The Library Unit is a dedicated National, universities, NGOs, think tank & research centres, institutes and school libraries supplier focusing on the library market in South Sudan. It principally operates in Juba servicing schools, TVET, university, Institutions, NGOs and state libraries.

In April 2017, the library unit was offer contract by CINOP Global to supply the Multi-purpose Training Centre in Juba.

5   Direct Sales Unit:

YO’ Books introduced a direct sales channel to give the company the ability to service market segments outside the confines of the traditional contact areas. Our Direct Sales Consultants operate in all states and are based in nominated state institutions, NGOs, UN Agencies or schools. YO’ Books Direct Sales Unit supplies all textbooks, reference material and general books to niche markets.

6   Customer Call Centre:

We have a customer call centre with dedicated staff members who assist in general enquiries about books, e-books, availability, costs, quotes, store contact details, and much more. Orders can also be placed with the Customer Call Centre during business hours or by email info@yobooks-ss.com or +211 928 888 925.