YO" Books Limited


YO’ Books is a social enterprise incorporated on March 2, 2017 as a private company limited by Shares (Incorporation No. 27695, March 2017).  It was conceptualized by a group of book lovers who wanted access to books themselves.  The shareholders then invested their private funds into the initiative, ensuring that it would be more than a place for people with means to buy books but also a place for low income people to feel welcome.

YO’ Books also seeks to be a source of inspiration for self-motivated learning. A handful of independent bookshops have opened in Juba since April 2012 but they are prohibitively expensive for the majority. YO’ Books believes that a literate and better informed population can speed up South Sudan’s chances of development and recovery from decades of war, as well as from sliding back into instability. YO’ Books is located in Juba town, Hai Matar along the airport road, opposite Alpha Commercial Bank.

YO’ Books specializes in providing books on academics/schools, the South/Sudan collections, African and international politics & history, development & aid, business, personal development & self-help, biographies & memoirs, travel, economics and sciences and a wide varieties of bestselling and popular novels in addition to stationery supplies and other scholarly materials.